See what our parents and students say about our Dojo

I absolutely love this dojo. It is such a great environment to be in. When you step into the school you really feel like family. The quality of the education is incomparable to any other martial arts studio. I am currently a student in the Kardio Kickboxing, MMA Fitness and Adults Karate classes and each one has its own unique structure which always makes class so exciting. The Senseis are very qualified teachers that are really helpful and make sure to give you a great workout! Forget the gym, have fun while you work out at the Hoteikan Dojo
— Stephanie Rodriguez (Adult Student)
Besides learning how to defend myself, I’ve learned about respect, and how to be a better listener, something I had problems with. This dojo is like a second home to me because I’m here every day. I also like coming here because I learn something new everyday. This is a tough school and I don’t mind because I know I’m being trained by the best. Sensei Carrano also treats the kids that come to the dojo like his own children. He organizes trips, tournaments,demos and many fun activities.
— Jose Safa (Karate Student since age 12)
Schools come and go but hoteikan is always here to stay.
Not many martial arts schools can claim a legacy of over forty years of existence and operation.
As a lifetime student , instructor and hoteikan family member I can whole heartedly say that hoteikan is a special place offering the best opportunity to learn all of what a martial artist should be. As a member you will learn to be fit,to defend yourself and to as well, have fun. To add, credit goes to the chief instructor Sensei Thomas Carrano whom with out personal sacrifice has made this magnificant place work as a dojo where a student can learn and grow.
— Sensei Isaac Cruz
The senseis take the time to explain to the students, even the smallest children the true nature of karate. They make the children understand that karate is not about violence. Its about courtesy, responsibility, focus, consideration and respect. There is tremendous focus and very serious training inside the dojo. Outside the dojo, there is a close knit family and friendship.
— Jennifer Tabick (Karate/jujitsu student and mother of 4 karate students
I’m really glad my son brian is involved in the Hoteikan Dojo. Through his involvement i learned how much Sensei Carrano really cares about the kids and the neighborhood. After watching him in action, I decided to enroll in the school and find it to be a very positive experience in my life
— Terry Ward (Student and parent of student)
Hoteikan has helped me lose over 80 lbs, gain physical coordination and speed that I never thought I was capable of. Sometimes I amaze myself by the things I can do which I’ve never been able to do before such as falling, rollings, and being thrown. The instructors at the Hoteikan are extremely patient and allow the students to progress at their own pace. The training is tough and serious without being overwhelming. You are pushed to the limits of your abilities, but never more so. They will help you become the best you can possibly be. It’s the best combination of serious training and camaraderie that i’ve encountered.
— Alexander Olshansky (karate/jujitsu/kickboxing student for over 4 years)
As a female, martial arts seemed a little intimidating. Nevertheless, the day I joined the Hoteikan Dojo, I knew this was the place for me. The family like atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable. Ive learned how to defend myself and I’m still learning. Karate has broadened my horizons. It has made me a smarter individual by making me more aware of my surroundings. Its also taught me discipline and focus beyond the martial arts aspect. Sensei Carrano and all the Senseis that teach in the Hoteikan Dojo always make me want to learn more
— Sensei Rebecca (Karate Student and Instructor)
I spent many years looking for a martial arts school that met my expectations. Upon entering the Hoteikan Dojo, I felt the energy level was so high and the techniques extremely practical. I knew I found a new home
— Thomas Carrano (Chief instructor)
Being a working parent of four, I know how precious time is. That’s why i continue to be amazed at how Sensei Thomas Carrano does this day in and day out. He works full time for the MTA, has 4 children of his own and yet he still finds time to teach karate with as much passion and dedication as humanly possible
— Rob Glatt (student and parent of 2 students)