Our Specialties

  1. Real Life Combat- Simple, practical and real. The Hoteikan system is a complete Martial Art system covering the three dimensions of defense, which include, striking, take downs, and grappling. Our training roots are traditional in nature but fit for modern combat of our day (we also include mental strategy and conflict resolution) .
  2. Health and Fitness- Cardio, strength, flexibility, speed, power, and endurance are all covered in our training. Addition to quality of life, we also strive for quantity by avoiding overuse injuries, instilling proper progressions, and holding our students health to a high standard. Our goal is to create lifelong Martial Artists. 
  3. A Warrior Mind- The Martial Arts are not just intended to develop physical abilities. In our training students will develop the mind of a warrior; strategy, perseverance, determination, respect, value, discipline, patience, confidence, integrity, and mental toughness. It is a mindset that can be used to enrich all aspects of ones personal life.


We Pride Ourselves In:

  1.  A Great Environment-  At the Hoteikan Dojo we are more than a system, we are a family. Our atmosphere is welcoming and ego free. We bring together and help motivate our students to become good people and strong warriors. 
  2. Reliability- Over 40 years of establishment and voted as the best Martial Art school in the borough by the Home Reporter, Brooklyn Spectator, and Sunset news.
  3. Educated Educators- Not all great martial artists also make great teachers, but here at the Hoteikan Dojo, we have both. Aside from our expertise in the arts we also come from a family of educators, from NYC public school teachers, to adjunct professors at local universities, Masters Degrees in Education and teaching credentials that really put our school above all others when it comes to great instruction. All of our instructors are also black belts and above with anywhere from 7- 50 years of experience. Check out our instructor bio's for more.

We have classes for all ages and many interests. Continue to explore our site to see all the programs we have to offer. Take advantage of our free trial class by filling out the form below. We hope to see you in a class soon. 



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