This program is for children ages 3 to 7.

Most martial art studios combine their children's programs into one large group with many ages mixed together, however here at the Hoteikan dojo we separate our children's classes to be as age specific as we can. We believe that children aged 3-7 need a specially formulated curriculum to help them develop mentally and physically. Which is exactly why we separate them into their own group. To make things even better, our very own Sensei Rebecca, who is in charge of our lil dragon program, is a public school elementary teacher with a masters degree in early childhood education. Her expertise has brought the curriculum above and beyond your average children's karate program. She has helped to move the curriculum to more than just development in karate but also life itself.

Students learn in a safe and fun environment while developing motor skills, life skills, focus and attention along with the art of self defense.  Children develop habits at a young age that will carry over into adolescence and adulthood. They are most susceptible to the world around them making It a vital time to expose them to positive experiences. Our program is more than a sport, but rather a support team in the positive development of your child.

The sensei’s take the time to explain to the students, even the smallest children the true nature of karate. They make the children understand that karate is not about violence. Its about courtesy, responsibility, focus, consideration and respect. There is tremendous focus and very serious training inside the dojo. Outside the dojo, there is a close knit family and friendship.
— Jenn Tabick (Adult students and mother of 4 students)

We also have a lil dragon location in Staten Island !

 268 Watchogue Road.  SI, NY 10314 *

For more information about this location call 347-866-5287 and ask for Rebecca.