We have adult only classes in Karate, Jujitsu, and Judo.

Our classes are safe, practical & challenging.

Its never to late to embark on a journey down the path of the martial arts. Karate-Do and Ju-Do, both encompassing the word Do which literally translates to "the way". The martial arts is more than a sport, its an investment in yourself, that can be applied to all aspects of life. Our training focuses on the mind, body, and spirit helping our students to improve and maintain complete wellness in their lives. 

In our fast paced society sometimes its important to slow down and take time for yourself.

Come train and see what were all about.  

Karate (Shotokan)- unarmed combat using punches, blocks, stances, strikes, and kicks. In Karate one will learn how to use all parts of the body in many different planes of motion. 


Jujutsu (Sosuishi-Ryu)- the art of the samurai without the sword. Here one will learn joint locks, submissions, body manipulation, throws, take downs, chokes, rolls, and falls. We apply our jujutsu standing as well as the ground. 


Judo (Kodokan)- a shift from a martial art to a modern sport. Judo removes the dangerous killing or maiming jujutsu waza so that opponents can grapple with one another without the devastating effects of jujutsu. Judo preserves the body and mind while still allowing one to indulge in the art in a fun way. Judo focuses on throwing an opponent from a standing position. If the match is not complete students can continue grappling from the ground. Judo is a great way to really focus on understanding movement ,body mechanics, and body manipulation. 

Schools come and go but hoteikan is always here to stay. Not many martial arts schools can claim a legacy of over forty years of existence and operation.As a lifetime student, instructor and hoteikan family member I can whole heartedly say that hoteikan is a special place offering the best opportunity to learn all of what a martial artist should be. As a member you will learn to be fit,to defend yourself and to as well, have fun. To add, credit goes to the chief instructor Sensei Thomas Carrano whom with out personal sacrifice has made this magnificent place work as a dojo where a student can learn and grow.
— Isaac Cruz