Hi, Im Stephanie Rodriguez and I love teaching Zumba! I've been dancing as soon as I was walking. As a child, I began my dance education at three years old. I studied Ballet, Tap and Modern dance for seven years. Since the first time I put on my ballet shoes, I knew dancing was my passion. Today I have taken my education in dance from the class room to the New York City streets. Growing up in a multi-cultural household as well as living in one of the most diverse cities on the planet, I've learned to embrace all different types of culture, music and movements from around the world and love bringing them to my classes. Music speaks to my soul and I respond by BUSTING A MOVE!! Come join me and turn it up at my Brooklyn Classes!


Love to dance and get in shape? Come join Stephy Steps and learn how to shake that booty and bring out the New York fire!!!

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